Curriculum Vitae

B.A. (Hons), M.A, PGDE, Ph.D

Dr Victor Lim Fei is an educator. Victor is passionate about education and its value in improving individual and societal well-being. He believes that literacy education must be future-oriented and progress with the evolving contemporary communication landscape.

Victor is Assistant Professor at the English Language and Literature Academic Group, National Institute of Education, Nanyang Technological University. Victor’s research interests are in multimodality in education, educational semiotics, multiliteracies, digital literacy, and innovations in literacy pedagogy.

Victor has authored more than twenty journal articles and book chapters, which have been cited in the field. He has also been invited to present on his work internationally.

Victor is interested in projects on multimodality in education in the following areas:

  • multimodal literacy – critical viewing and effective representing (making)
  • multimodal knowledge representations in disciplinary literacy
  • multimodal discourse analyses and methods
  • multimodal classroom orchestration and designs for learning
  • multimodal learning analytics and technologies

Victor was formerly Lead Specialist and Deputy Director, Technologies for Learning, at the Singapore Ministry of Education (MOE), where he worked on translational research, policy formulation, and programme development, with a focus on innovations with educational technology to improve teaching and learning.

At MOE, Victor contributed to the conceptualisation of the Fourth Information and Communications Technology in Education Masterplan to nurture future-ready and responsible digital learners, the development of strategies and initiatives for MOE’s translational research, innovations, and scaling efforts, as well as the strengthening of cyber wellness education in Singapore. Victor was also a member of the inaugural MOE Senior Specialist Council, the Inter-ministry Cyber Wellness Steering Committee, as well as the English Language Curriculum Review Committee and the General Paper Syllabus Development Committee.

Victor has experience as a General Paper teacher, level head, subject head, and school staff developer in a junior college, and was an adjunct lecturer on sociolinguistics at a university in Singapore. He was also a research scholar in the Multimodal Analysis Lab, Interactive Digital Media Institute at the National University of Singapore, (NUS), where he completed his doctorate titled ‘A Systemic Functional Multimodal Discourse Analysis Approach to Pedagogic Discourse’ under the supervision of Kay O’Halloran.

Victor was a recipient of the Singapore Public Service Commission Scholarship and the NUS Research Scholarship for his undergraduate and postgraduate studies. For his PhD, Victor was offered the NUS President’s Graduate Fellowship,, which he declined in favour of the Singapore Ministry of Education Postgraduate Scholarship.

Victor has participated in international humanitarian efforts, such as being on the disaster relief team to help in the aftermath of the 2010 earthquake in Haiti as well as led several school-development projects in China.





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